2017-2018 Board of Directors


 President Larry Thompson: 

There are many things going on in our valley and I appreciate the opportunity once more to help shape our future.  My experiences as a Marine Corps officer, a salesman and a manager before moving to Bear Valley in 2004, will again assist me in serving the needs of our members.  Having served on several committees and going through two budget processes on previous Boards has helped me to understand how the Board must serve all association members in a fiscally responsible manner and maintain a positive working relationship with the CSD to maintain and improve our excellent amenities.

Semper Fi. 

     Vice President Julia Stavlo:      

It is with great enthusiasm and deep passion that I submit my statement of candidacy.  Bear Valley Springs is a beautiful and unique community, filled with a very diverse gathering of people, interests, backgrounds and ideologies. All of which should be represented by Board directors, because personal interests and agendas only serve to squander valuable resources and alienate many members and their families.

I spent the last 7+ years serving this community in the capacity of Finance Manager of the Association. In this role, I saw my primary responsibility as being the protector of BVSA assets, member interests, and the person to question fiduciary practices of the Association to insure:

1) we were representing factual and accurate information pertaining all aspects of our financial status to the membership, Board of directors and Committees.

2) we remained in compliance with laws that applied to our businesses.

3) regular evaluations of best practices and implementation of cost savings.

I hold both CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations®) and AMS (Association Management Specialist®) accreditations. These certifications give me the knowledge necessary to evaluate whether BVSA management is fulfilling their duties while upholding laws, rules, C&Rs and statutes that direct the ways in which our Association should be run. I will continue to seek the best interests of the membership while being an advocate for the betterment of our lives in this sanctuary.

   Treasurer Guy Munday :

My name is Guy Munday. My wife, Diana and I have lived in BVS for the last five years. We regularly attend many of the BVS activities and utilize all of the amenities that we are afforded to in BVS.  I have attended board meetings for the last two years on a regular basis and for over three years I have served on the Food Service Advisory and the Finance Committee.

I worked for a major restaurant chain for 16 years as a Manager, District Manager, and Director of Purchasing. I was responsible for profit and loss statements which included food, bar, and labor costs. I also managed a staff of over 150 employees.  My experience also includes working for the Walt Disney Company as Food Purchasing Manager for over nine years. And twelve years as Director of Multi Unit Sales at Sysco Food Service with sales exceeding $350 million.

I'm confident that my background will be an asset as a BVSA board member to make sound judgment calls on all matters.

 Director Rebecca Hewett:

I have lived in Bear Valley Springs for four years and have two teenage children.  We regularly participate in BVS activities and events, and we frequently enjoy the amenities, all of which have led us to several service opportunities.  I was previously elected to the Board (2012-14) and have served on several advisory committees, including Rules, Recreation, 4th of July, Finance, and Equestrian.  All of these experiences have deepened my affection for this community and taught me about its people, its finances, its goals, and its unique needs.

This Association is uncommon in many ways because of its resources and its relationship with the CSD, and it is imperative that we approach our needs with an understanding of the law as well as the required process for implementing desired change.  I am excited to return to the Board to continue these efforts to effect positive change while maintaining low annual amenity fees.  I greatly appreciate the friendships I have made with a wide variety of our residents, and I want to represent all members’ interests and fiscal concerns in the most effective way possible.

 Director Todd Lander:

I retired after a 30 year career with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. My wife Sandy and I have lived in Bear Valley Springs for the past twelve years. In 2006, I was elected to serve on the BVSA Board of Directors, and re-elected to four consecutive terms. I served three of those terms as BVSA President.  In addition, I have served on the following committees: BVSA Finance Advisory Committee, Equestrian Advisory Committee,Golf Advisory Committee, Food Services Advisory Committee, Recreation Advisory Committee, BVSA/CSD Liaison Committee.
My continued goal will be to improve every amenity as well as the level of service provided to our members, identify new ways to conserve our valley’s natural resources, while maintaining its rural setting. In addition, to hold down our annual assessment fees by identifying and implementing better administrative efficiencies while cutting costs where needed.  My emphasis, as before, will be to represent all of our members, including those property owners who do not live in the valley, those on fixed incomes and families with children.   I look forward to continuing to make this the best place to live, recreate and raise a family.




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