Amenity Cards


Association members in good standing must obtain a Use Privilege Card in order to utilize any of the amenities in Bear Valley Springs.
New members and their families should apply for a Use Privilege Card, at the Association office during normal business hours (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday). Use Privilege Cards will be issued upon application and presentation of evidence of eligibility for membership, in the form of a recorded grant deed or a currently effective title insurance policy on the property within Bear Valley Springs.
Members who assign their rights to a tenant must immediately surrender their Use Privilege Cards and give the Association written notice of the assignment and the names of the tenant and the tenant’s family qualifying for a Use Privilege Card. A refundable deposit in accordance with the BVSA Fee Schedule is charged for each card.
Lost, destroyed or stolen cards will be replaced by the Association upon payment of a processing charge in accordance with the BVSA Fee Schedule and execution of an affidavit of loss, theft or destruction.
For more information please refer to Section 305 of the Association Rules for Use Privilege Cards, or call the office at 661-821-5537.

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