Recreation Manager:  Debbie Papac
Contact:  The Whiting Center at 661-821-6641

Bear Valley has three beautiful campgrounds. Each campground is equipped with bathrooms, including showers. 

                                  Equestrian Center Campground
The Equestrian Center campground is located behind the Equestrian Center itself. This is the one campground you want if you bring your horses along. There are numerous pipe corrals and it is conveniently located close to the arenas for Equestrian events. The campground boasts a centrally located kitchen area, available at an extra fee, courtesy of the Buckaroos Club. Reservations for this campground are made at the Equestrian Center. Call 821-3960. Since there is no regular staff manning the phones at the Main Barn, you may have to leave a message and the staff will return your call later that day. The staff at the Equestrian Center is very diligent about returning their phone calls.

                                     Town Center Campground
Town Center campground is located behind the Whiting Center. It has 4 hook-up sites and 9 other camping sites. It is open year around for your convenience. Make your reservations at the Whiting Center or call 821-6641.
                                   Water Canyon Campground
Water Canyon Campground is located about 4 miles up the mountain on Paramount, off of Deertrail. This beautiful wilderness area has a creek running through it and a small waterfall (if you know its location) as well as some wonderful hiking / riding trails. There are pipe corrals for your horses. This campground is for you if you want to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and quiet. The campground is open from Memorial Day through September. Make your reservations at the Whiting Center or call 821-6641.

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