Four Island Lake Closed


4-Island Lake Update - 8/7/19
The BVSA staff is pleased to report that 4-Island Lake has been re-opened for recreational use. The temporary aerators & “Solar Bees” are working to bring oxygen to the lake. We have received good news from the “Friends of 4 Island Lake” that some large fish are still present in the lake. Recommendations for long term solutions will be presented to the Board of Directors at the August 20th Board Meeting. Once a plan has been approved, staff will begin the process of determining a timeline for re-stocking the lake. As always, we encourage residents to take safety precautions and swim at your own risk.


4-Island Lake Update - 7/30/19
The BVSA staff is awaiting a final water laboratory test recommended by our biochemist. Pending those results, the hope is to re-open 4-Island Lake for recreational use early next week. We are thankful to the volunteer residents who scraped the algae from the top of the lake in the past few days which has greatly improved the appearance of the lake. Thank you to our members for your continued patience. Should you have any questions, feel free to call the BVSA office at 661-821-5537 X211.


4 Island Lake Update – 7/24/19

The BVSA is responsible for the maintenance and care of our lakes.  On Tuesday, July 23rd, a marine biologist and a biochemist inspected the lake and have made the determination that the fish die-off was due exclusively to lack of oxygen.  The specialists provided short term and long term recommendations to BVSA staff. A temporary aeration system is now on the lake until a permanent solution can be presented to the BVSA Board of Directors.


The maintenance staff has cleaned the parking lot where the fish dumpster was parked with chlorine and will continue to remove the remaining dead fish throughout the week.  The current plan is to re-open the lake Friday morning for recreational use.


The BVSA would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the amazing group of “Friends of 4 Island Lake” and the many residents who have served in the fish clean-up efforts.  We are also thankful to the BVCSD for their assistance.  The BVSA maintenance staff and IGM crew also deserve our appreciation for their hard work and extra hours during this time.


We hope to have additional information about long-term strategies for maintaining this valuable amenity available to the membership in the coming weeks.

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