Notice of Emergency Rule Change



Notice of Emergency Rule Change to the BVSA Rules


At a Board meeting held on January 15, 2019, the Bear Valley Springs Board of Directors adopted the following Emergency Rule Change to the BVSA rules, effective immediately.  


(Deletions are shown in strikethrough type and additions in boldface underlined type)


Article 3 Section 305i. - Use of BVS Community Facilities and Common Areas is limited to persons qualifying for Use Privilege Cards or Guest Passes.  The Association shall require production of the card or pass prior to use of any facility.  Persons operating a business on their BVS property may not extend use of BVSA common areas, facilities or amenities to outside persons as a component of their commercial enterprise.

A. Due to the unique use of the Mulligan Room (a food establishment) and in accordance with the C&R’s section 7.f.(1) sub-section a-e, The Mulligan Room will be exempt from this rule allowing anyone with a valid gate pass to patronize without showing an amenity card or guest pass. 



Purpose and Effect of the Change


In order to align the Rules with the C&R’s, section 7 Land Use f.1.a-e and to mitigate financial losses to the Association.


This emergency rule change is effective immediately and will expire 120 days from today.

This expiration is required by civil code and gives the Rules Advisory Committee a chance to review the rule, send to the Board of Directors and post for the membership to review before adopting the proposed rule change permanently.

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